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as well. As further dedication to the
experiential learning process, HPU
gives students the option to partner
with some of the most prestigious
universities around the world as part
of an expansive study abroad pro-
gram. Recent student travels include
Italy, Germany, Sweden, Greece, In-
dia, and Guatemala. They have par-
ticipated in programs such as Poli-
tics and Policy inside the Beltway in
Washington, D.C., and Shakespeare
in Performance in Stratford-upon-
Avon, England. Students also have the
opportunity to participate in Service-
Learning courses. Service Learning
is a premier pedagogical strategy to
develop performance-based student
learning. In these courses, students
perform service within a community
organization or agency. This engage-
ment allows students to integrate
tant and physical therapy graduate
programs are scheduled for comple-
tion. The schools will create about
100 jobs and recruit 600 students.
Through the Cultural Enrich-
ment Series students and members
of the community interact with
world-class thought leaders such
as Steve Forbes, Thomas Fried-
man, and Malcolm Gladwell, and
are enriched from performances by
the North Carolina Symphony, the
Eastern Music Festival, North Car-
olina Dance Theatre, and more.
The growth and transformation
of High Point University are excep-
tional, but the most outstanding mat-
ter is the dedication and resources the
university provides to its students.
This is, after all, where students are
taught to “Be Extraordinary
theory and practice and prepares
them for an increasingly complex and
interconnected world.
When not studying in and out
of the classroom, HPU students get
to work. Internships are highly pro-
moted and regarded by the universi-
ty. Previous internship hosts include
NASA, ABC, MTV Networks,
ect Runway
, Boston Ballet, African
Presidential Archives and Research
Center, Chicago Cubs, Lockheed
Martin, and Leading Authorities.
Not only do students gain hands-on
learning and work experience, but
they also make connections for pos-
sible job opportunities.
The academic future of High
Point University looks exception-
ally bright. Next year, the univer-
sity will welcome the opening of the
$9 million, LEED-certifed School
of Education to house the educa-
tion and psychology departments. In
2014, a proposed School of Pharmacy
and the new School of Health Scienc-
es to house the current exercise sci-
ence and athletic training programs,
as well as proposed physician assis-
Getting Here:
High Point University
is ideally located in central North Caro-
lina’s Piedmont Triad, the state’s largest
metropolitan area. HPU is only 20 min-
utes from the Piedmont Triad Interna-
tional Airport. For more information call
800.345.6993 or visit
Words of Wisdom
annual commencement
at High Point Univer-
sity aims to inspire graduates. Each
year, HPU strives to bring infuential
national and international speak-
ers to campus. Past commencement
speakers include: Professional cy-
clist Lance Armstrong (2011); Chair-
man of the Board and CEO of The
Coca-Cola Company Muhtar Kent
(2010); NASA Astronaut Dr. Buzz
Aldrin (2009); Supreme Court Jus-
tice Clarence Thomas (2008); Dr.
Bill Cosby (2007); Queen Noor of
Jordan (2006); and former New
York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (2005).
The university is enjoying amazing
development and expansion that
encourages students, faculty, and campus
to grow together as a community.
Bill Cosby
High Point University
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