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in deluxe suites and boasts a bak-
ery, sports grill, fve-star restaurant,
convenience store, learning com-
mons, and movie theater.
Students don’t just live here,
though. They get involved. With
more than 90 student organizations,
HPU offers its residents the chance
to run for student government, join
choir or an a cappella group, become
a fraternity brother or sorority sister,
test their skills in intramural sports,
or write for a student publication.
Students also become part of the
global community and willingly
give back, contributing more than
30,000 volunteer hours every year.
From raising funds for breast cancer
research, to volunteering at Open
Door Ministries, to hosting Big
Brothers Big Sisters events, HPU
students support their community
and take care of it.
And so does the university itself.
HPU has proved benefcial to the
State with an estimated yearly eco-
nomic impact of more than $400
million. Not only does the university
provide employment for community
members, but it also supports the lo-
cal economy by using local contrac-
tors for development and offering
free cultural enrichment opportuni-
ties for all residents.
Academic Excellence
Yes, HPU’s growth has resulted in
new buildings, better residence life
for students, and a greater impact
on the community, but the school’s
main focus has been, and always will
be, the education of its students.
More than 4,300 undergradu-
ate and graduate students from 51
countries and 44 states attend High
Point University for their education.
The university offers 50 undergradu-
ate majors, 42 undergraduate minors,
and seven graduate degree programs
taught by 224 stellar faculty, in-
cluding many Phi Beta Kappa and
Fulbright Scholars. More than any-
thing, HPU is dedicated to provid-
ing students with a holistic education
grounded in the liberal arts and sci-
ences, which ensures that they re-
Just last year, High Point University
announced plans to increase the
investment from $300 million to
$2.1 billion over 10 years.
High Point University
[ ]
The Human Link is one
of 20 fne-art sculp-
tures across campus.