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High Point University
[ ]
he university, located in the
bustling Piedmont Triad re-
gion of North Carolina, is
enjoying amazing development
and expansion that encourages stu-
dents, faculty, and campus to grow
together as a community.
Total Transformation
In order to understand the signif-
cant evolution and vibrant future of
HPU, you must frst take a look at its
past. Founded in 1924, High Point
College’s humble beginnings in-
cluded three buildings, nine faculty
members, and 122 students.
Today the private liberal arts in-
stitution comprises 71 buildings on
300 beautiful acres, employs more
than 1,000 faculty and staff mem-
bers, and educates 4,300 students.
Although this growth has trans-
formed the campus, the mission of
the institution remains the same: to
deliver educational experiences that
enlighten, challenge, and prepare
students to lead lives of signifcance
in complex global communities.
The transformation, growth, and
dedication to students continues to
excel. Just last year, university lead-
ers announced plans to increase their
investment to HPU over 10 years.
And this investment can already
be seen across the campus with 47
new buildings completed or under
construction. In August, a $20 mil-
lion residential village welcomed 180
students to its 12 homes. Students
were also welcomed to the new fne
arts living and learning community
complete with a performance and
art design space. The near future
will see continued improvements in
academics, student life, scholarships,
athletics, technology, and more.
Campus Culture
Although student enrollment and
faculty employment have rapidly in-
creased, HPU remains a tight-knit
community. Of the 3,800 undergrad-
uates, 3,500 live on campus. And it’s
not hard to feel at home here. HPU’s
pristine campus is studded with
fountains, sculptures, hammocks,
brick-lined pathways, an arboretum,
and 19 botanical gardens.
Students enjoy an athletic and
convocation center complete with an
arena, indoor competition pool, ten-
nis courts, and more. There’s also an
on-campus TV station, Internet ra-
dio station, learning excellence cen-
ter, and a student center. That’s not
to mention the University Center,
which houses nearly 600 freshmen
leading by example
A success story all his own,
Dr. Nido
R. Qubein
became president of High
Point University in 2005. But his frst ex-
perience with the university came much
earlier. Dr. Qubein came to the U.S.
from the Middle East when he was a
teenager, with little knowledge of Eng-
lish and just $50 in his pocket, to study
at HPU (then High Point College). And it
was here that he found a family.
Dr. Qubein went on to become a suc-
cessful businessman and a highly re-
garded professional speaker. He has
been awarded the Cavett Award for
professional speaking, the Horatio Alg-
er Award for Distinguished Americans,
and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.
Throughout his career, Dr. Qubein has
remained dedicated to educating and
inspiring people — including develop-
ing the Qubein Foundation, which has
granted more than 700 scholarships
worth more than $6 million.
Dr. Qubein’s success continues at HPU.
Under his leadership, the university is
undergoing a $2.1 billion transforma-
tion. His enthusiasm, passion, and tire-
less work ethic have helped shape the
vision of HPU. He even teaches a life
skills seminar dedicated to helping pre-
pare students for real-world issues and
to succeed in all aspects of life.